Welcome to the annual SAC organizing conference! This year’s conference will be held on November 8-10 in Malmö in cooperation with the Nordic Labour film Festival. Get ready for a weekend full of interesting talks, engaging workshops and exciting documentaries. Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet union organizers from Sweden and other places in the world. 

Workplace Organizing

The general theme of the festival is workplace organizing. In talks and workshops we’ll focus more specifically on rank and file organizing and the recent labour struggles of teachers and migrant workers in the gig economy. In addition to activists and organizers from various organizations in Sweden, we have invited overseas guests from the US, UK, Poland, Germany and Bulgaria. 

The most exciting feature of the conference is that it is held in cooperation with the Nordic Labour FIlm Festival. This means that the morning sessions of the conference are oriented toward organizers and members of the SAC. In the afternoon and evening, the conference will join the the open program of the film festival.  

The Nordic Labour Film Festival

The Nordic Labour Film Festival is not an ordinary film festival, but a platform for a new labour movement. The festival was started in 2017 by the production collective RåFILM. RåFILM has produced award-winning documentaries like Detained and 3 Stolen Cameras.

The focus point of the film festival are conversations and meetings for learning and finding new visions and future collaborations. This is the only labour film festival in the Nordic region, where films and conversations are used to raise important issues and gain new perspectives. With Malmö as a hub, the ambition is to highlight and distribute labour films in the Nordic countries and the world.

Invited speakers at the festival

Ellen David Friedman is a long time union organizer and labour educator. She is active and committed to labour struggles through Labor Notes and the United Caucuses of Rank-and-File Educators (UCORE), a network of progressive activists in the US teachers' unions. Ellen has followed the recent extraordinary worker protests among American teachers closely.

The United Voices of the World (UVW) is the small London based union that has succeeded where most other unions have failed. The UVW has managed to organize migrant workers in the precarious gig economy. With creative strategies and with innovative media work, the UVW has squared down large corporations and institutions, gaining new members and capturing the imagination of a new generation of organizers.

Invitation to sister groups of the SAC

We are happy to announce that we can host guests from sister groups and affiliates of the SAC who are interested in joining the conference. The SAC can sponsor a limited number of guests with travel and accommodation expenses.

If you are interested in joining us in Malmö, please contact us at +46 (0)8 522 35 639 or studier@sac.se


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