Still building internationalism! Conference 13-16/8

This summer, 13-15/8 we will meet in Gävle, the birthplace of Joe Hill. 2015 marks a hundred years since he was murdered. We gather in his memory, not to mourn- but to organise.

Here you can find the invitation in greek, italian, spanish and polish.

This summer, 13-15/8 we will meet in Gävle, the birthplace of Joe Hill. 2015 marks a hundred years since he was murdered. We gather in his memory, not to mourn- but to organise. Hundred years later, we’re sticking to the same values. Still organising, still fighting- Still building internationalism! Our hope is to strengthen bonds, build alliances, connect everyday struggles, learn from each other’s experiences- to gain hope and have a good time. We have chosen to focus on the European level, since it’s obvious to us we have to try to build a common counter force against what’s going on in our workplaces, streets, neighbourhood and schools. Someone who doesn’t love us is making plans for our future, making our part of the world a golden cage. We intend to break it, together.

Each day of the conference will have a different topic, starting with a panel of people who have made experiences within the area. The topics will be: work and repression, work and migration and finally, building internationalism-connecting struggles. We encourage each and every one of you who want to participate to contact us. In the afternoons there will be room for discussions, sharing of information, and workshops. A book fair will take place parallel to the conference- Federativs förlag and Aparte will release a new anthology about Joe Hill on the occasion. And, of course, there will be music, lots of music!

We welcome unions- self-organised, base-unions and unions from the red and black spectra. But also social movements, groups and grass-roots organisations doing work within the areas the conference is dealing with: self organising of refugees and immigrants, student-organising, neighbourhood committees, anti-repression and Anti-fascism. We need to connect our struggles, considering all the aspects of the everyday life of working class people. Together we will win. For every day, life under capitalism becomes more unbearable. We’ve had enough. Enough of the nationalist and fascist movements who tries to set us up against each other, enough of the dictatorship and exploitation by the bosses, enough of unemployment and lack of housing, enough of unions and social movements being targeted with repression, enough of a system which robs us not only on the fruits of out labour, but also our dignity. We live in an unstable time. One thing we’ve learned from history- never again will we fight for nations or the rich! It’s clear neither political parties or top-down bureaucratic unions are able to do anything for us. True a hundred years ago, still the same: our liberation is possible only by the work of our own hands. We believe we are at a turning point. Self-organised unions and grassroots movements have a role to play. On the same time with steady signs of the downfall, people choose to struggle, connect and organise. Let’s come together, see what we can learn from each other, build alliances, and make things move on a larger scale. It’s about time to leave old conflicts behind and focus on what we have in common, instead of our differences. We carry a new world in our hearts, Still building internationalism!

/ JH100 organising committee

E-mail to get in touch with the organising committee. The committee consists of people from SAC:s international committee, Joe Hill-sällskapet and Federativs Förlag. Main language of the conference will be english, but we’ll try to provide interpretation into other languages.

Applications for the conference:

Updates, info:

Information about the book fair:

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There will be a fee of 500 sek, but let us know if you need support to cover it!
Sleeping will be at a hostel, or in comrades homes.
Food served is vegetarian and vegan.
Please let us know as soon as possible if you need childcare during the conference.

We encourage each and everyone of you to contribute to the conference- having workshops, organising discussions, platina music or taking part in the bookfair!
Your participation is crucial to the outcome!

The format of the conference
Thursday 13/8 the theme of the day is “work and migration”.We start with a panel, to share experiences and frame the issues. In the afternoon it’s open for anyone who wants to give workshops, speeches or invite people to discuss relaterade to the days topic. In the afternoon we gather to share conclusions from the day.

Friday 14/8 the theme is “work and repression”. Same as yesterday, starts with a panel to frame the topic.
In the afternoon, it’s open to take initiatives to have workshops, discussions and so on. In the afternoon, we share what’s been going on.

Saturday 15/8 “building internationalism, connecting struggles”. Panel on the topic, open for people to organise things in the afternoon. Common discussion in the evening. Final party.