Connecting struggles- building internationalism

Connecting struggles is one of the themes of the international conference in Gävle 13-15 August.

It´s time to act.
We don´t have to look close to see the system is cracking.
Cracks in the wall, light shining through.
People have had enough.
We need to act, we need to break the apathy.

It´s time to connect our struggles.
Dare to dream, dare to take action.

This is not about who is rigth or pure- we want to focus on what we have in common, how we can organise to connect our struggles.
To focus on our similarities, not on our diffrencies.

We´ve spent years doing experiences and learning from our history.
It´s time to start moving forward, together.
We need to reach out both to each other and to unorganised people around us.

The situation is urgent.
Not seldom in despair, we see the attacks on the working classes reach new levels.
Through organising and struggles we manage to break the apathy.
Ok, we migth not always win- but we know what courage and hope feels like.

We don´t mourn, we organise.
It´s more important than ever to stick to the idea of internationalism.
We will not let them divide us, we will not be put up against each other.
And we won´t figth the rich mans war.

We live within the golden cage of the European union.
We´d like to call it fortress Europe, far more suitable.
We see the collapse- both within and on the outside.
We will do all we can to break the cage.

There’s always been unrest and people resisting.
Beams of ligth, fires and bolts of thunder appear all the time.
Together we can get a better picture of whats going on, and how to work together to tear down the walls of the fortress.

In Berlin, the conflict with Mall of Shame, their ruthless exploitation of migrant workers, the workers getting organised within the FAU is a ssignificant struggle of today- both on the challenges and opportunities.
FAU foreigeners section is a brilliant example on how people from several countries, speaking different languages can get togeteher and organise in their workplaces.

In Greece and Italy we see beautifull examples of migrants who self organise, starting social centers offering language training, communal kitchens, legal aid and support.
In strong cooperation with local communities- not letting the fascist forces target people, not letting them spread their ideology of hatred among our class.

Capital is constantly on the move, to make more profit.
People working in logistics and warehouses are painfully aware of what that means.
Loosing your work with almost no notice, being exchanged with “chefspersoner labour”.
But the latest years theres been a lot of organising, small fires in lots of places.
People starting to connect and organise over the borders.
At IKEA and Amazon for example, in Italy, Poland, France and Germany.

We manage to fan the fog of the neo-liberal ideas from our eyes.
During a strike among train workers in southern part of Sweden last summer, where the bosses wanted to sack a majority of the workers, and rehire them through subcontractors, a massive support movement grew.
“We´re commuters, but first of all workers” was the outcry. People argumented, that the precaristion would affect all of us.

We migth live in diffrent places- but we have so much in common.
Same every day life, same problems.
Unemployment, bad or lack of housing, wage cuts, downsizeing and other steadily ongoing attacks on workers rigths.
Symptoms may differ, but the problem is the same.
We have to end capitalism.
Which means we need to cooperate on a larger scale.
To connect workplace struggles and social struggles, to cross borders.
Building solidarity and internationalism from below, on an everyday basis.
I´m finished mourning. What about you?
I want to be a part of your life, your everyday struggle. Do you want to be part of mine?
We carry a new world in our hearts- still building internationalism!
See you in Gävle 13-15 of August!